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Businesses and individuals depend on lawyers, accountants, brokers and other professional advisers to help manage their affairs. We trust that these professionals are providing their services competently, without undisclosed conflicts of interest, and consistent with their fiduciary obligations. We also trust that these professionals are charging reasonable and lawful fees for their services. If a licensed professional acts below the applicable standard of care, breaches fiduciary duties, defrauds his or her clients, or charges unreasonable or fraudulent fees, the client must evaluate potential remedies promptly with the assistance of lawyers with lots of experience in the law related to professionals’ liability.

The lawyers at the Lesser Law Group have over 30 years’ experience representing both clients and professionals in these types of cases. We can help you determine whether your lawyer, accountant, broker or other licensed professional has committed malpractice or other misconduct and, if so, can help you craft a legal strategy to hold them accountable. We also represent clients in fee disputes with lawyers and other professionals.

Evaluate Your Rights Promptly With Experienced Counsel

Professional malpractice cases are not easy — the plaintiff in such cases bears a high burden of proof to demonstrate that he or she was given advice or service that falls below a given field’s professional standard and that the breach caused injury. Statutes of limitations on such claims are often short.

Whether you are a victim of accounting malpractice, legal malpractice, fraud or other professional failures, the professional liability lawyers at theLesser Law Group can evaluate your rights and bring a lawsuit when appropriate.

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The Lesser Law Group is committed to helping our clients hold professional service providers accountable. To see how we can help in your malpractice-related claim or professional fee dispute, contact us online or call us at 415-460-7754 and schedule an initial consultation in our San Rafael, California, office.