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Legal Action Over Insurance Policy Rescissions

An individual or business, having suffered an insured loss, can be left holding the bag if the insurer rescinds the policy. An insurance policy rescission creates a situation as if the policy had never existed. The insurer will not only fail to make good on a particular claim, but will insist that the policy was never valid because the policyholder committed fraud when applying for the policy or when filing a claim. Typically, the insurer refunds all premiums paid and declares the policy void.

An insured individual or business owner will naturally feel betrayed when rescission leaves them uncovered for a loss such as an injury or property damage. The insurer, on the other hand, will declare the policy as nonexistent. The insured cannot appeal a denial when the policy is allegedly nonexistent.

If you or your business is in this position after paying insurance premiums, losses can quickly multiply — especially if another party has sued you or your business. These cases can be complex as well as urgent. The Lesser Law Group in San Rafael and San Francisco is a knowledgeable, skillful advocate for people and organizations facing the resulting unexpected financial losses, which can be substantial.

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Rescission cases are notoriously difficult to overturn, but our lawyers have done so. We welcome the opportunity to review your case and plan a course of action. Unique aspects of your case will point the way to a productive strategy for restoration of an insurance policy and its promised benefits.

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