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Navigating Natural Disaster Claims

Wildfires, earthquakes and floods typically result in high-dollar property losses concentrated in a particular geographical area. At The Lesser Law Group, we help those in San Rafael and the greater area work through natural disasters and create a plan to move forward.

Helping Businesses Get Back To Work

While individuals affected by natural disasters struggle because of their damaged homes and disrupted family routines, businesses face challenges on multiple levels, including:

  • Damaged or destroyed facilities
  • Interrupted supply chains and/or means of transport
  • Lost and damaged inventory
  • Temporary or permanent loss of customers in the area, who may be unable to pay for goods and services as usual
  • Staff burdened by compounding urgent matters

When businesses make damage claims against their insurance policies, it is not uncommon for benefits and settlements to come together slowly — at a time when funding is badly needed to get business back on track.

Was your California business knocked off balance after a recent natural disaster? Are customers demanding deliveries and refunds at a time when your capacity to respond is greatly affected? Are you stymied in your efforts to get the help you expected from your business and commercial insurance carrier? The Lesser Law Group in San Rafael has a solid reputation and track record in the area of business and commercial insurance. We are prepared to get results for your business as you make claims after a natural disaster.

Contact An Attorney Advising On Natural Disaster Insurance Claims

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