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Did An Insurer Refuse To Defend An Insured Or Settle A Claim?

The Lesser Law Group in San Rafael and San Francisco is available to evaluate claims against insurers that have allegedly refused to defend an insured or have negligently failed to settle a claim. Individuals and businesses may request evaluation of cases such as when:

  • A business has been sued by a customer or visitor on business property who was injured — but the business’s insurer refused to defend the business against the claim.
  • A professional was accused of professional malpractice and the professional liability insurer failed to defend that individual or his or her employer.
  • A commercial general liability insurer refused to settle a claim against a business, but instead, simply let the case drop.

These are just a few examples of legal complaints alleging a refusal to defend an insured or settle a claim. Clients of Lesser Law Group may be on either side of the equation: the party that suffered loss or the alleged wrongdoer and/or its insurer.

Every Case Stands On Its Own Merits

Our attorneys have an established track record of favorable outcomes and years of experience — yet each insurance claim or coverage case is built upon its own set of facts. A trusting attorney-client relationship lays a foundation for building a strong case. Clients appreciate the skill and confidence with which their best interests are supported in legal procedures including settlement conferences and litigation leading to trial.

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