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Insurance Representation For Businesses And Carriers

At The Lesser Law Group, we help businesses in San Rafael and throughout greater California navigate their commercial insurance claims and guide them to a fuller understanding of their policy and coverage.

Some Of The Commercial Policies We Cover

We represent clients regarding claims under many types of commercial insurance policies, including:

Having drafted many of these types of policies, we are intimately familiar with the coverage interpretation issues that arise and can tell the well-written policies from the poor ones. The scope of our representation ranges from negotiating early claim settlements to multiparty mediations of large and complex claims to high-stakes coverage and bad faith litigation and trials.

For business policyholders, we offer advice and recommendations intended to avoid costly coverage disputes. For a fixed fee, we can evaluate the client’s insurance needs and the adequacy of its policies before a claim occurs. We identify needed changes to policies that are either poorly drafted or that contain exclusions inappropriate to the client’s business risks. Working with the client’s broker, we draft policy forms better customized to the client’s particular needs such as cybercoverage. We also perform more detailed audits of the company’s risks and the methods available for managing them. We often provide these services in conjunction with the company’s insurance broker.

For our carrier clients, our available services extend far beyond litigation. We draft and revise policy forms based on our thorough knowledge of the legal liabilities and risks of loss the client is insuring and on our long experience litigating the interpretation of policy terms. We provide in-house training on claim handling, underwriting compliance and the legal landscape in which policyholders operate.

We also advise venture capital and private equity firms concerning the adequacy of the insurance programs of companies they propose to acquire or in which they may invest.

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The Lesser Law Group helps our clients recover the policy benefits for which they’ve paid premiums, often for many years. To see how our lawyers can help with your natural disaster claim or other insurance-related legal matter, contact us online or call us at 415-460-7754 and schedule an initial consultation in our San Rafael, California, office.