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The Go-To Firm For Insurance Recovery, Professional Malpractice And Business Litigation

At the Lesser Law Group, our seasoned team of lawyers is dedicated to getting insurance policyholders the coverage they’re entitled to and getting clients compensation when their lawyer or other professional commits malpractice, breaches fiduciary duties or engages in fraud. We provide business clients the highest-caliber representation in prosecuting or defending against a wide range of civil litigation and arbitration proceedings.

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Based in San Rafael and San Francisco, we represent clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and in the North Bay, Silicon Valley, Sacramento and Los Angeles.

While many of the larger law firms seem to have lost focus on their clients’ best interests, paying more attention to the demands for higher and higher profits by an ever-growing stable of partners, the Lesser Law Group has chosen a different approach. We remain committed to what we believe the mission of an attorney should be:

  • Putting clients first — Loyal, satisfied clients are our top priority.
  • Providing high-quality advice — We believe that every client deserves exceptional legal counsel, whether a homeowner, a young entrepreneur or the owner of a multinational company.
  • Offering value — We’ve discarded the traditional law firm model that requires elaborate offices, ever-growing partner profits and legions of junior lawyers in training, all paid for by hourly rates that are unaffordable by most and that don’t necessarily reflect the value of the services provided. Our fees are reasonable for the markets we serve, and we strive always to ensure that the value of our legal services meets or exceeds what we charge. We take some engagements on contingent fees and will entertain alternatives to straight hourly rates.
  • Serving the community — We are active in the communities we serve and work to give back to the communities that support us.

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