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Attorneys Addressing Commercial General Liability Insurance Disputes

Business ventures of all sizes and types rely on commercial general liability (CGL) insurance to protect them in case of injuries and losses claimed by customers or anyone else who might hold the business responsible. Businesses carry this insurance precisely to pay for liability arising out of personal injury and property damage claims against them. However, disputes arise when insurers fail to make good on such claims for reasons such as:

  • Allegations that a loss or injury was not the result of the insured’s actions or lack of action
  • Existence in the CGL policy of exclusions

Conflicting views will assert or deny that exclusions in a particular policy do, in fact, rule out the duty of the insurer to pay damages for particular losses. Legal opinions become necessary, followed by negotiations, settlement conferences and, in difficult cases, litigation leading to trial.

California businesses served with claims by injured parties have a trusted and respected source of legal counsel on CGL issues at the Lesser Law Group in San Rafael and San Francisco. The firm’s broad experience in insurance law, including insurance coverage, is valuable for policyholders, brokers, agents and, in some cases, insurers.

We Know Both Sides Of A CGL Controversy

Our extensive background in liability and insurance matters has prepared us to tackle complex business and commercial insurance issues. We have represented insurers, reinsurers and administrators, as well as policy-holding businesses. Our attorneys can cut through the vast documentation that often accompanies these cases to find the specific policy language that demands scrutiny to arrive at a fair and legal outcome.

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