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Legal disputes are, unfortunately, part of the cost of doing business. They happen with competitors, partners, customers, shareholders, employees and regulators, among others. With experienced counsel, you can work through them as quickly as possible so your business can return its full attention to the challenges of delivering the products and services your company provides.

The Lesser Law Group‘s business litigation group is all about helping you resolve the disputes your business faces quickly and efficiently. Of course, we are not afraid to take a case to court when necessary. But we also understand that litigation comes at enormous financial costs as well as management distraction, lost productivity, damaged employee morale and, sometimes, harm to business relationships and reputation. Our goal, where consistent with the client’s goals and interests, is to use early evaluations, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution tools to help the client reach the best available outcome as soon as possible so that these costs can be minimized. In many litigation settings, that’s the client’s best and only “victory.”

Experienced Legal Advocates You Can Rely On

Not all litigation can be settled, of course. And some settlements happen only when the other side believes you will go to trial. In some cases, the only possible victory is in the courtroom. Our trial lawyers have more than 30 years of experience in the courtroom, have successfully prosecuted or defended cases with millions and occasionally billions of dollars at stake, and remain committed to our ethical obligation to represent each client with the utmost tenacity, zeal and devotion.

Our trial lawyers have handled litigation and arbitrations in a wide range of areas, including securities fraud, shareholder disputes, contract disputes, real estate, commercial landlord-tenant matters, banking, employment, rights of privacy, intellectual property and trade secrets.

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The Lesser Law Group is committed to helping our clients obtain early and cost-effective resolutions of disputes whenever possible and will secure and defend their rights in litigation when necessary.

To see how we can help you in your business dispute, contact us online or call us at 415-460-7754 and schedule an initial consultation in our San Rafael, California, office.