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When Questions Arise Over Cybercoverage In Policies For Businesses

Online activities are ubiquitous in the business world. There is scarcely a business anywhere in our society that does not engage in internet-based interactions with customers and the public, including:

  • Marketing
  • Email communications
  • Sales and bill collecting
  • Social network and blog communications

As enterprises collect data from customers, there is potential for loss or misuse of that data. Hacking and cyberattacks are a reality for many businesses. Cyberinsurance therefore is increasingly necessary for businesses dealing with customers, suppliers, government agencies and banks online. Whether cybercoverage is a standalone insurance product or part of commercial general liability (CGL) insurance, it may present room for legal challenges when:

  • Claims are denied.
  • Policy terms are interpreted differently by insurers, insured companies and lawyers representing customers or others alleging losses.
  • Customers and others filing claims then allege underpayment of merited damages.

Whatever questions or problems your business faces related to cybercoverage in California, The Lesser Law Group in San Rafael and San Francisco has the knowledge and experience needed to resolve them. The firm has developed a well-earned reputation in all varieties of business and commercial insurance.

Longstanding principles in the insurance world apply in the cyber arena, although circumstances differ. Disputes over policy term definitions, exclusions and coverage extent all call for qualified legal definitions. At the same time, cybercoverage questions and disputes may center on computer-specific issues such as:

  • Data breaches
  • Breach of client or employee privacy
  • Intellectual property infringement, including wrongful appropriation of domain names
  • Business disruptions or harm to customers caused by computer viruses
  • Libel through online media

The Lesser Law Group‘s primary client base consists of businesses, but also includes customers and employees of businesses and, in some instances, insurance providers.

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