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Legal Advice On Liability Insurance For Professionals, Directors And Officers

This web page may be for you if you are a professional, director or officer facing a damage claim from a client. Or you may be an employer of a professional, director or officer enmeshed in a controversy with your liability insurance provider. Whether the professional is self-insured or insured by a larger organization such as an architectural firm, disputes over liability insurance often come about when:

  • A client claims injury or monetary loss caused by alleged negligence, omissions or malpractice by the professional
  • A professional’s or director’s liability insurance carrier denies coverage or diminishes the estimated value of covered losses
  • The liability insurer alleges the exclusion of a particular loss because of language in the insurance policy

Claimants, insured professionals and insurers often disagree over particulars such as:

  • Whether a loss actually occurred
  • If a loss occurred, what its dollar value should be
  • Who or what entity was responsible
  • How policy exclusions are defined

The Lesser Law Group in San Rafael and San Francisco is a valuable source of clarity and advocacy in the area of liability insurance. California clients include individual consumers, insured companies and claims adjusters for insurers. Lawyers of the firm are well-recognized for their in-depth knowledge of all types of business and commercial insurance and related matters such as professional liability insurance.

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