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Resolving Insurance Claims And Coverage Disputes

We represent clients in a wide range of claim disputes and coverage and bad faith lawsuits, including allegations of:

  • Wrongful denial of coverage
  • Bad faith and unfair claims practices
  • Refusal to defend
  • Failure to settle
  • Underpayment or “lowball” offers
  • Delay in payment
  • Rescission
  • Post-claim underwriting
  • Denials of natural disaster claims, including fires, floods, earthquakes, mudslides and windstorms
  • Insurance fraud
  • Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) violations

Insurance litigation is costly and burdensome to everyone involved, no matter the outcome. Our strategy in every case is to find the fastest and most cost-effective route to the resolution the client wants, whether it be an early claim settlement or a trial verdict sustained on appeal.

We find that we can often obtain the settlements our clients want without the delays, cost and burdens of going to trial because of our intimate understanding of the insurance business and because our insurance practice is well-known and well-respected by lawyers representing both insurers and policyholders and by insurance carrier executives.

We regularly handle cases in state and federal courts throughout California.

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