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Esports team problems lead to breach of contract lawsuit

Many people in California dream of breaking into esports, but the industry of competitive video gaming carries the same risks as other enterprises. Former NBA star Rick Fox has sued two of his former business partners, saying that they breached their contract with him to build an esports team. The case was filed in California Superior Court, and Fox accuses his former business partners of misleading him when he bought the leading stake in an esports firm, Echo Fox.

Satellite companies' failed merger leads to litigation

California business relationships that start with a promising future can sometimes end in an acrimonious dispute. One telecommunications company, Intelsat, known for delivering broadband services through satellites, is suing a company in which it previously invested, OneWeb. It is also suing OneWeb's biggest investor, SoftBank. Intelsat accuses the other companies of conspiring to steal its proprietary information, breaching contracts and committing fraud. The lawsuit emerged from the cooperation agreements concluded between OneWeb and Intelsat following the latter's $25 million investment in the former.

Content creator sues YouTube for breach of contract

A lawsuit filed in a California federal district court on Aug. 28 alleges that the online video platform YouTube retaliated against a popular content creator by deleting his channels and removing all of his videos. YouTube is accused of doing this after the content creator threatened legal action when his videos stopped being recommended by the platform and his subscribers stopped receiving notifications about new ones.

Walmart takes Tesla to court over faulty solar panels

Those who shop at Walmart in California or elsewhere throughout the country may have heard about the partnership between the company and Tesla. However, Walmart has filed a lawsuit in the state of New York against Tesla saying that solar panels placed on top of seven different stores caught on fire. According to the lawsuit, the solar panels were not installed properly and were inspected by employees who were not properly trained to do so.

Unfair competition is a business tort

Unfair competition is essentially a business tort. This makes it a civil wrong, not a criminal violation. However, unfair competition standards are established under both federal law and California state law, both of which allow an aggrieved business to sue the offending business for monetary damages and injunctive relief to halt the illegal behavior. The relevant federal laws are found under copyright laws, trademark laws and the Lanham Act (15 U.S.C. Section 1125.) Unfair competition does not refer to monopolies or antitrust violations.

Ethereum co-founder's suit underscores importance of pre-contract legal review

California blockchain investors may be interested to learn that Harrison Hines, the founder of the Token Foundry, is suing a former business partner for breach of contract. His lawsuit was filed in the New York County branch of the Supreme Court of the State of New York on June 5.

California lawsuits accuse online tax preparers of fraud

Lawsuits filed in California on May 6 allege that two of the nation's largest tax preparation companies defrauded low-income filers by using deceptive and misleading practices. The companies supposedly made it difficult for taxpayers to access the Internal Revenue Service's Free File program. In the lawsuits, the Los Angeles City Attorney accuses H&R Block and Inuit of violating California's unfair competition law. The litigation asks for injunctions to put an end to the alleged deceptive practices and seeks restitution for filers who paid for tax preparation services even though they qualified for the Free File program.

Dispute between art dealer, collector and gallery goes to court

Some art aficionados in California may have heard about a dispute between companies owned by two prominent art collectors involving a mixed-media work by Frank Stella that has resulted in a lawsuit against another gallery. The lawsuit was filed by Artemus in July in the New York Supreme Court against the Paul Kasmin Gallery. It alleges that the gallery falsified documents related to the Stella work.

Fujifilm files lawsuit against Xerox

Some California residents may be aware that Fujifilm and Xerox were in talks about a merger. On June 18, Fujifilm filed a lawsuit against Xerox for reneging on the deal. Fujifilm is asking for more than $1 billion and punitive damages since Xerox walked away from the $6.1 billion transaction.

Adidas and Skechers settle sneaker design lawsuit

California residents who follow business news may be aware that Adidas and Skechers have been embroiled in disputes over sneaker designs for more than two decades. Adidas filed a lawsuit in September 2015 alleging that the Onix sneaker made by Skechers was a virtual copy of its iconic Stan Smith shoe, and the German company's arguments were convincing enough to persuade a judge to prohibit Skechers from selling athletic footwear featuring a three-stripe design or the Supernova name.

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