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How can your business insurance help you in case of fire damage?

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | Blog, Insurance Law

No entrepreneur wants to think about the possibility of their business literally going up in flames. However, the possibility of wildfires and simple accidents forces you into a position in which you must think about how to protect your business interest in case of a fire.

It goes without saying that good fire prevention practices are important when you are running a business and welcoming customers onto your property. Even with such measures in place, you should understand how your business’s insurance coverage will help you if an unavoidable disaster occurs.

Does your insurance policy cover fire damage?

General liability insurance may cover the costs incurred if a customer suffers damage or injury as a result of a fire on your business property. Adding commercial fire insurance to your policy is the best way to protect your businesses and your finances in case of a disaster. Keep in mind that your commercial auto insurance covers damage to your company-owned vehicles, including that caused by fires.

Which types of losses do fire insurance cover?

All items and contents on a property receive coverage under commercial fire insurance. This includes products, equipment, furniture, and paper records. Your policy might also include coverage for data loss as a result of fire damage to your computers’ hard drives.

Your insurance needs can be difficult to navigate as a business owner, with certain policies covering some types of damages and not others. With a commercial fire insurance policy, though, there will be one less disaster for you to worry about as a threat to your investments.