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Do insurance companies deny claims for vacant homes?

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2022 | Insurance Law

Some California residents decide to move out of their homes while holding on to their property, or perhaps they just want to spend a few weeks in another state. However, this might cause a problem if your home suffers damage and you want to file a homeowners’ insurance claim.

Insurance companies generally look for any reason that property damage occurred because the policy owner was negligent, so it is important not to give your insurer an excuse to deny you coverage. SF Gate explains why insurance companies might not honor a claim for a vacant home.

The increased risk to the home

When you are not home, you are not around to maintain your residence and prevent problems from occurring or fix small issues before they cause harm to your property. Additionally, a vacant home is more likely to attract robbers. Should your house incur damage in your absence, your insurance company may fault you for not being home and deny your claim.

Check your policy for time limits

You should not feel that you cannot leave your home at all. Your insurance policy may provide guidance by establishing a limit for when you can be away from your property. Some insurers require a homeowner to not be gone for more than 30 days. This should give you enough time to take vacations and other long trips.

If you still need to take a prolonged trip elsewhere, your policy might only require a continuous absence. This may allow you to leave but come back home and sleep for a night before departing again for a few more days. This could reassure your insurer that you are still around frequently enough to detect problems in the early stages before they cause serious harm to your home.