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How can you avoid malware on your company computers?

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2022 | Business Litigation

You have to maintain optimal security when it comes to your business’s computer network. Without security, customer, employee and company data becomes compromised. If you do not put forth adequate protections, you could become liable for any data breach or data loss in your system.

Many criminals use malware to steal sensitive information off devices and networks. According to the FTC, you may have trouble on your hands if you cannot recognize or avoid malware.

How does malware end up on your system?

Criminals use malware to steal passwords, usernames, social security numbers and other critical information. People often have malware on their devices because they downloaded it accidentally. They may click on a popup ad or they may click on a phishing email. When it comes to malware, you or your employees have to download it.

How can you protect against malware?

To protect against malware, you must avoid the links that scammers send. In some instances, scammers may bundle malware with a free software download. You should have your computers set to update automatically. Likewise, keep your security settings high. Teach your employees how to watch out for malware too.

Instruct employees to never click on a link that they cannot verify. If they have to install new software, explain that they should read every screen to ensure they do not install additional programs. If they use USB drives, they should scan them before they use them. They can become infected when you use USB drives and other external drives in public.

You and your employees should never go to sites you do not recognize or cannot trust. Do not click links but instead type in the trusted site’s name.