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Recommended insurance for restaurant ownership

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2018 | Blog

Restaurants are a unique kind of business. Manufacturing, sales and consumption all happen simultaneously. As a result, restaurant owners have to juggle several different responsibilities while managing the risks of the food service industry.

In this busy role, insurance coverage is extremely important. If an accident happens, California restaurant owners should be able to rely on their policy to help them return to business as usual. There are a few types of coverage that commonly save a restaurant’s bacon, so to speak.

Fire protection

California suffers wildfires several times a year. A variety of businesses need coverage for natural disasters like the recent blaze that scorched the south.

However, restaurant owners are more likely to encounter fires that begin inside the building as well. Hot grease, candles and electrical trouble are all fire hazards. Accidents can happen no matter how attentive a restaurant’s staff and chefs may be. Check your policy to ensure that it covers the specific fire risks of your business.

Liquor liability protection

If your establishment serves alcohol, a liquor liability policy offers protection from the actions of your patrons. For example, a table of 4 guests orders 4 cocktails, but only one guest consumes them all. Once that guest leaves, they drive drunk and fatally injure another driver. They family of the victim may then sue you for allowing this to happen.

If you have liquor liability coverage, this situation will not be as serious of a problem for your business. Most general policies do not cover liquor liability, which is why you should pay attention to the terms of each policy you carry.

Food protection

Food storage and sanitation are the two pillars of a healthy restaurant. All it takes to destroy hundreds of dollars in ingredients and revenue is a broken freezer. Food contamination insurance may replace spoiled ingredients to minimize this cost. Such policies may exclude certain causes of contamination, however.

If you have purchased policies to protect your restaurant, you should be able to rely on your insurance providers. It’s often a good idea to ask for a second glance at your policy’s terms to make sure that you have the specific coverage you need.