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What does your homeowners insurance actually cover?

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2022 | Insurance Law

California is home to blazing sunsets and thousands of miles of coastline; however, along with the good comes the bad. Nothing can bring the Golden State to its knees quite like a natural disaster, and if you face filing a claim with your insurer for help, you do not want to face a denial.

Insurance policies do not always include coverage for things you may believe they do. Learn more about standard exclusions in homeowners insurance policies.

What natural disasters does a standard policy cover?

If you look through your policy, you may not find any natural disaster coverage, and for a good reason. Standard homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover common disasters Californians face, including:

  • Earthquakes
  • Landslides
  • Floods

However, wildfire is one disaster your insurer should pay out for under the standard policy. Damage from any fire should appear in your standard policy protections.

How do you protect your investment?

Without the proper insurance coverage, you may face denials of losses attributed to natural disasters. It is important to remember that secondary damage traced back to a disaster may also remain uncovered by your standard policy. Water intrusion caused by a roof damaged by an earthquake may face a denial unless you have earthquake insurance.

What does a standard policy cover?

Your standard insurance policy typically covers three main areas. If someone breaks into your home and steals or damages things, your insurer should cover that. The insurer should help pay for medical expenses when someone gets hurt inside your home. Finally, the insurer should pay for damage to the outside of your structure from hail or a non-disaster event.

It is crucial to read what your policy includes. Absent the proper damage, you may face an uphill battle for repairs.