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Can businesses prevent unethical conduct?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2022 | Blog, Business Litigation

Owning a company means you rely on your employees to act with dignity. Their conduct can reflect on your organization’s brand, image and competitiveness.

The uncertainty of knowing how your employees will act may create stress. Knowing some strategies for preventing unethical conduct may ease your concern and aid you in promoting a healthy and respectful workplace.

Monitor data use

Implement a system for monitoring data use in your organization. Make sure you understand how your employees use data and that no personal activity takes place. Using a management review board can provide insight into data activity with minimal interference from you.

Reiterate expectations

Unclear expectations can leave the doors open for unethical conduct in the workplace. One of the best ways to prevent confusion is to clearly define your expectations. Periodically reiterate your expectations to remind employees of how they should behave. Include your expectations within your employment contracts to provide a point of reference for your workers.

Discipline as needed

Disciplining employees is never a comfortable situation. You may feel guilt, frustration, embarrassment and even concerns about your safety when you confront a non-complying worker. However, as LinkedIn suggests, reinforcing consequences and consistently disciplining for poor conduct can send a clear message that you will not tolerate unethical behavior.

Building your business and achieving success requires the help and skill of your employees. Creating a workspace that fosters unity, innovation and respect can help you achieve your vision. Setting clear expectations, disciplining as needed and implementing data monitoring are all ways that you can protect your organization from unethical conduct.