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Could hackers put client data at risk?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Blog, Professional Malpractice

Attorneys are often privy to a lot of private and personal data, with everything from personal matters related to divorce to business deals with millions of dollars on the line. In this day and age where most attorneys keep digitized records, it allows for permanent retention options and a faster, more efficient search system.

Unfortunately, it also means these law firms face all the modern issues associated with cybersecurity.

What issues stem from cyber breaches?

The American Bar Association discusses a legal malpractice claim stemming from a cyber breach. Security within the digitized systems of storage can potentially end up breached by other parties wanting to hack for confidential information. Most legal databases share networks and many have direct contact to the internet, as well, which makes them a prime target.

Data breaches may result in the exposure of client’s personal data and information, and even provide advantageous information to other parties in cases with ongoing litigation. For example, business owners might lose their edge when merging if internal discussions get leaked. A divorcing person could have their personal information spread, damaging their reputation and even chances of winning custody battles.

Cyber breaches as legal malpractice

Clients who end up with their data exposed due to a data breach can actually pursue legal malpractice claims. After all, the law firm has a duty to its clients to protect all of their confidential information, no matter how they choose to store it. A breach in electronically stored data is still a breach in trust and security. Those who suffer damages due to these security breaches can seek compensation to help make up for it.