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What does earthquake insurance cover?

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2021 | Insurance Law

Living in California, you may already know the likelihood of an earthquake. According to the California Department of Insurance, earthquakes cause a lot of damage, but renters and homeowners policies do not cover damages from natural disasters such as earthquakes.

To protect your home and belongings, earthquake insurance is necessary, but before you can invest, there are three main parts of earthquake coverage to remain aware of.

Coverage for your home

The most important part of earthquake coverage is what covers your dwelling. The limit on your earthquake coverage is the same as your homeowner’s insurance limit. This coverage does not include your masonry, fences, outbuildings or pools. If you are not a homeowner, you do not have to worry about it.

Coverage for your belongings

Earthquakes affect your belongings. Your furniture may break due to the vibration or you may have items fall from shelves or break in other ways. Your limit for coverage begins at $5,000 and you may increase it to about $200,000. If you have breakable or fragile items, you may need breakable coverage.

Coverage for living expenses

After an earthquake, you may have to leave your home temporarily. In severe cases, you may have to leave permanently. Earthquakes can cause severe structural damage to a property, making it unsafe for anyone to live in the dwelling. It costs money to leave your home during evacuation or repairs.

Living expense coverage is for your temporary apartment or hotel. It may also cover moving, storage, temporary phone lines, meals and laundry. The expenses are available for the reasonable amount of time it takes to repair the home or for you to move to another home.