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How does the FEMA National Risk Index assess San Francisco?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2021 | Insurance Law

The Federal Emergency Management Agency released a new tool in 2021 to assess geographic risk of various national disasters. Understanding the scope of risk in your area can help you sufficiently prepare. San Francisco County ranks as a relatively high risk area with very high projected financial loss from natural disasters.

Review the FEMA tool data about risks in San Francisco and surrounding areas if you own a home in the Bay Area.

Tsunami risk

FEMA indicates that more than 10,000 county residents could experience tsunami damage in a given year. The agency estimates the cost of this type of damage at nearly $2.1 billion dollars per incident. Most often, tsunamis occur in San Francisco as an earthquake aftereffect.

Tornado risk

While a tornado event would likely affect about 3,000 San Francisco residents, the estimated cost of this type of disaster is about $378 million according to FEMA. FEMA notes that statistically, the county can expect to get about one tornado each year.

Strong wind damage

About six strong wind events per year in San Francisco County could result in about $113.5 billion in damages according to FEMA. In addition, more than 800,000 county residents experience property damage and financial loss stemming from wind gusts every year.

Coastal flooding

FEMA predicts about three major coastal floods for this area each year based on past data. Each of these events could potentially affect more than 3,000 residents at a total cost of more than $645 million.

Area residents should review their insurance policies each year to ensure sufficient coverage for natural disasters.