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California business owners prepare for wildfire season

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2018 | Uncategorized

California had a rough year in 2017 due to the horrific damage caused by statewide wildfires, and leading experts expect 2018 to rival the previous year with one of the most deadly seasons on record.

Due to previous harm, businesses and homeowners are preparing for the upcoming season with new safety measures and stronger insurance plans. Recently, Governor Jerry Brown signed two minor bills that offered additional protections for victims of wildfire damages.

Navigating wildfire damages

Homeowners benefit the most from the new bills since businesses have additional challenges to deal with while recovering compensation for damages. Some of the problems include:

  • Destroyed facilities
  • Interrupted supply chains or means of transport
  • Lost and damaged inventory
  • Temporary or permanent loss of customers
  • Staff burdened by personal damages or matters

A company can be stopped in its tracks due to the destruction of wildfires. It also puts the business owner’s livelihood at risk when they have to deal with unexpected consequences from natural disasters, like employee matters or repairing facilities.

Preparing for California fires

There are several ways owners prepare for potential wildfire damages. But it relies heavily on finding a proper insurance plan for the company and developing an emergency plan for the facility. A plan allows employers and employees to understand what steps are essential in case of a wildfire.

Owners should prepare a plan and list of items that should be included in an evacuation situation. Employees need to know the procedure and list before any emergencies, and they should be informed of the routes to the business’s location. Multiple courses need to be available.

Employers need adequate insurance for their business and aware of what their policy covers. If your policy does not include damages due to natural disasters, you may be out of luck for compensation. It also helps to monitor the National Weather Service when wildfires are approaching.

Owners who are concerned about their policies or possible outcomes of wildfire damages may contact an insurance provider or consult with insurance experts about their rights to compensation.