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Holding a competing business accountable for wrongdoing

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2020 | Business Litigation

As a business owner, you likely face pressure on a daily basis. From problems with staff members to financial hardships brought on by the current economic climate, there are many different difficulties that many businesses struggle with. However, it is especially upsetting when a competing business violates the rights of another company, and you need to take a firm stand for your business if you are in this position.

Sometimes, these violations go unnoticed and there are other reasons why business owners fail to hold competitors accountable for wrongdoing, whether they feel overwhelmed by the idea of going to court or are unsure of their rights.

Reviewing examples of unlawful competitor activity

From the theft of trade secrets to copyright violations and damaging lies that affect a company’s bottom line, there are various ways in which some businesses undermine the interests of competitors. Moreover, some businesses fail to abide by the terms of a contract and in some instances, contentious disputes arise. When these incidents represent a violation of the law, it is pivotal for business owners to hold competitors responsible in the courtroom. Furthermore, it is important to understand that there are time limits in place. According to the Judicial Branch of California, the statute of limitations for the breach of written contracts is four years.

Reviewing the benefits of business litigation

Taking legal action against a competitor can bring a number of benefits. For starters, litigation can provide compensation for the damages that a company incurs as a result of a competing business’s wrongdoing. Business owners often feel empowered by a sense of justice and relief. Furthermore, filing suit over these violations can help restore a company’s reputation.