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Mistakes business owners should avoid with websites

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2018 | Business Litigation

Californians who are planning to launch new websites should take care to avoid several common pitfalls involving intellectual property. If business owners are not careful with their website launches, they may be sued in court. It is important for businesses to conduct due diligence before they launch their websites.

One common issue that may arise is when business owners choose a name and have invested money in promoting it only to learn that someone else has already trademarked it. This can be very costly. Business owners can avoid this problem by choosing several different potential names and then researching each one on the USPTO’s website and on the internet. Business owners should also make certain that the name they choose is one that can be trademarked.

After conducting due diligence, business owners should apply for a trademark. They should also reserve their corresponding domain names. Some people will secure a domain name when they learn that a new business is intending to use it in the hopes that the business will pay large sums of money to secure it from them. Business owners should also make certain that they have the rights to use the material they place on their websites. Businesses must be careful with the claims they make on their advertising materials online when they are comparing their businesses to others.

Launching a new website can help increase a company’s business. If the business owner does not conduct proper due diligence before launching the website, the company may be the target of lawsuits. Business owners might want to talk to business litigation attorneys who are experienced in intellectual property issues. The attorneys may advise their clients about how to avoid some of the pitfalls that might otherwise open them up for substantial losses in lawsuits.