What Lawyers Ought To Be

The Lesser Law Group is an extraordinary firm of highly experienced trial lawyers who have joined our firm to return to what we think lawyers ought to be: Committed, above all else, to protecting our clients' businesses, assets and livelihoods by representing their interests at the highest levels of the legal profession.

We devote our practice to representing individuals and companies — from sole proprietors to the Fortune 500 — in insurance, professional malpractice and business disputes and litigation. We stand out from most of our competitors by staying small, nimble and responsive, able to provide every client the highest quality advice and representation, comparable to the best national and regional firms. Every lawyer in our firm is a highly experienced trial attorney – many of us are veterans of those firms — with the expertise, judgment and savvy to go toe-to-toe with any adversary.

We're a standout choice for another reason: Most of us have represented our adversaries at some point in our careers. For example, Don Lesser began his career in 1983 representing insurance companies in coverage and bad faith lawsuits, and lawyers, accountants, brokers and other professionals against malpractice claims. Since 1999 he has focused his practice on representing insurance policyholders and brokers and agents in the insurance arena, and clients in malpractice, fiduciary duty and fraud claims. So we know our adversaries in a way that few of our competitors do. We know how they think, how they make decisions and, usually, how they got themselves into the problem that has brought you to us.

Our primary practice areas include:

  • Insurance: We represent policyholders in coverage, bad faith and policy rescission claims, and brokers/agents in licensing matters, contract disputes and E&O claims and prevention.
  • Legal malpractice and other professional wrongdoing: If you are the victim of incompetence, disloyalty or fraud, we can help you hold your lawyer, accountant, broker or other professional accountable.
  • Business litigation: We represent small, midsized and large companies in litigation ranging from complex contract disputes to securities and corporate governance litigation, employment claims, privacy rights, real estate disputes and trade practice matters.